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AI and data analytics start-up Unit8 joins forces with WWF to predict wildfires

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Using machine learning, Vaud-based start-up Unit8 is working with WWF to predict the spread of wildfires in South America to ensure preventative measures and an appropriate response.

Headquarted in Morges in the canton of Vaud, AI & analytics solution provider Unit8 has joined forces with WWF, the world’s largest conservation organization, to predict the spread of wildfires in Bolivia, South America.

The first phase of this project has run throughout 2020 and will continue in 2021. The objective is to use Unit8’s machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and then prevent spread of wildfires. Such a system will enable faster reaction times to help firefighters prepare for wildfires.

Unit8’s core activity is to help companies from non-digital native industries to transform themselves, become data driven and compete in a new digital reality. The company sees that many industries are often lagging behind, this being the case in South America, for example.

To fulfill its mission, Unit8 has set up a strong digital native team around top talent including several ex-employees of Palantir, Amazon, Google, Cisco or Apple plus a number of talented experts from less known brands and start-ups.

A partner of the biggest banks and top pharma players

Founded in 2017, Unit8 is a fast-growing company dedicated to solving complex problems of traditional industries like automotive, chemical, finance, manufacturing and pharma. Today, the start-up works for some of the biggest and well-known brands in Switzerland and abroad, such as Daimler, Firmenich or WWF.

Unit8’s aim is to become the market leader in the analytics and AI industry in Switzerland & Europe, and to establish itself as a trusted partner on its customers' data & AI journey.

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