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Bern-based Xovis’ 3D sensors make face mask detection easy

Tuesday 7 July 2020

With the introduction of Face Mask Detection and View Direction, two new AI features for their 3D people counting sensors, the technology from the Bern-based manufacturer Xovis now also helps to comply with the obligation to wear masks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made face masks compulsory in many public places. Xovis has responded by developing a new AI feature that recognizes whether or not face masks are in fact being worn.

The Bern-based company’s 3D sensors recognize if a person is wearing a face mask and can report that information in a timely manner, making it easier to comply with Covid-19 requirements. This innovative and GDPR compliant technology is also currently the only kind to detect face masks directly on 3D sensors.

"Covid-19 has made face masks compulsory in many public places; we have responded by developing a new AI feature for our sensors to recognize whether or not face masks are in fact being worn. In a bid to help businesses adhere to public health regulations, this new software plugin for Face Mask Detection will be free of charge until the end of the year for our partners working with the Xovis Cloud Account," explains Anne Wyder, Head of Retail at Xovis.

Technological solutions for both occupancy and physical distancing management

"We have been busy – we've not only finished development of the much-anticipated View Direction plugin for in-store analytics, but in an agile response to changing market demands also stepped up to the plate and created something extra in our firmware for our customers. Both Face Mask Detection and View Direction features provide deeper insight into customer behavior – the analysis of which has become more important than ever before", explains Xovis’ CPO Christian Studer.

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