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BSBIOS invests in Fribourg to support its sustainability strategy

Tuesday 8 March 2022

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As part of its investment plan towards running a sustainable business, Brazilian biofuel producer BSBIOS has acquired the MP Biodiesel plant located in Domdidier, in the canton of Fribourg.

The acquisition of the MP Biodiesel plant located in Domdidier (canton of Fribourg) by BSBIOS is part of the company’s strategic planning, which established an investment plan in sustainable business with the objective of positioning BSBIOS among the three largest biofuels producers in the world.

The acquisition of the plant marks a new stage in the company's insertion in the international market, with emphasis on the European market. The group had already been developing its commercial relations with Europe from a subsidiary in Switzerland for five years and, in May 2021, it became part of BSBIOS, called BSBIOS Switzerland, a holding company platform to represent in Europe the investments in advanced biofuels, contributing to achieve the ambitious targets for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions approved by the European Union.

A strategic location in the center of Europe

"We are proud to take this further step, which reaffirms our orientation to internationalize BSBIOS. With the operation, we become a multinational producer of renewable fuel, trading and operating second generation biofuels. The operation in the country has growth potential and the plant is located in the center of Europe, which gives us a strategic position on the continent," explains Erasmo Carlos Battistella, CEO of BSBIOS.

Originally an agroenergy company from Brazil, BSBIOS plans to make further investments in the next six months to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, in addition to expanding the capacity and training the sales team. The BSBIOS team is also studying the expansion of supply in the short term through partnerships with distribution networks and the expansion of the supply structure.

"The company is already investing and we will expand the structure for collecting and receiving used cooking oils in Switzerland because the strategy is aligned with our goal of investing and generating value in sustainable businesses," says Battistella.

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