With this name change, the visual identity of the Economic Promotion Valais (“Promotion économique Valais" in French) also evolves to reflect the graphic design of the Valais brand. A new website and a new communication strategy complete these changes.

The Economic Promotion Valais brings together six partners: the Service de l'économie, du tourisme et de l'innovation (SETI), CimArk, the Centre de Cautionnement et de Financement (CCF SA), the Regions- und Wirtschaftszentrum Oberwallis (RWO), the Antenne Région Valais romand (ARVr) and Valais/Wallis Promotion.

Previously known as Business Valais, the organization is changing its name and identity to provide better visibility for the services it offers companies and future entrepreneurs. The new website of the Economic Promotion Valais, which adopts the graphic identity of the Valais brand, has been designed for entrepreneurs established in Valais as well as those who want to set up operations in the canton. Its aim is to simplify the search for information and to put entrepreneurs in touch with their partners. The partners of the Economic Promotion Valais are thus further strengthening their relationship to promote the dynamism of the canton's economy.

The new communication strategy will also allow the citizens of Valais to better know their economic fabric. The Economic Promotion Valais will regularly communicate on its activities with news, portraits of entrepreneurs, a newsletter as well as events related to entrepreneurship and the economy in general.