Copyright Competence Call CenterCCC’s new Biel location will be operational as of May 2016. The Austrian company plans to create 150 new jobs in the first 12 months and 250 jobs in total, according to a press release.

Biel is the second biggest city in the canton of Bern and the biggest bilingual city in Switzerland. After evaluating multiple potential locations, CCC chose Biel because of its dynamism, its central position, its multilingualism and the availability of highly skilled workforce. “Biel is located on the language border and offers a distinctive multilingualism in German and French. The central location within Switzerland offers the perfect accessibility from all parts of the country. In Biel we find employees with relevant experience to provide first-class customer service for our partners”, said Ulf Herbrechter, COO of CCC.

Present in Switzerland since 2005 through an office in Zurich, Competence Call Center was founded in Vienna in 1998. It offers customer service solutions of the highest level at 16 locations in 8 countries and has more than 5,000 employees.