Biopharma group Debiopharm has announced the acquisition of GenePOC, a Canadian start-up specialized in the development of rapid diagnostic tests. This investment will enable the creation of some 10 jobs in Martigny, in the canton of Valais, where a new production line to manufacture the consumable used for these tests will be deployed. Since 2000, Debiopharm has invested 125 million francs in the modernization of its Martigny facility – the group’s only manufacturing site in Switzerland – which currently employs about 150 people. 10 more million will be invested in the creation of the new production line.

Specialized in the development of anti-cancer and anti-infection treatments, Debiopharm is also active in the diagnostic field. “Our vision of healthcare doesn't stop at medicines. Patients nowadays do not want to purchase treatments, but good health. This means that patient care has to be holistic and no longer purely therapeutic. This is why on top of the antibiotics that we are developing, we want to offer rapid diagnostics and a system which ensures that treatments are monitored”, explains Thierry Mauvernay, Co-President and Delegate of the Board of Debiopharm.

GenePOC’s diagnostics technology will take advantage of Debiopharm’s expertise in high-tech manufacturing, as well as of its logistical skills. The commercialization of the tests will start in Europe this autumn and in the US and Canada next year.