The AGORA building, located in front of the CHUV and inaugurated at the beginning of October, will house the new cancer translational research center with researchers and clinicians from various medical and scientific backgrounds.

Initiated by the ISREC Foundation in 2013, the project is the result of a partnership between the CHUV, the University of Lausanne, the EPFL, the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, the University Hospitals of Geneva and the University of Geneva.

The AGORA building, which has a surface of 11,500 square meters, will bring together close to 300 researchers and clinicians and is structured in many interconnected zones where research will be focused on the following subjects: melanoma, glioblastoma, lung, breast, pancreas and prostate cancers, invasion, metastasis and angiogenesis.

Synergies to spark new discoveries

Doctors, biologists, geneticists, immunologists, bioinformaticians and bioengineers will be gathered under the same roof in Lausanne to tackle the multiple challenges posed by these diseases to develop and implement new therapeutic ways to help patients.

"The AGORA center was born from the desire of having a location in Western Switzerland inspired by the great American oncology centers”, comments Professor Francis-Luc Perret, director of the ISREC Foundation. “They are often located close to care units and allow for a close relationship between clinical practice and medical research. Doctors can go from one to the other without wasting any time.”