A 9,100 m2 building was inaugurated on 25 April on the site of Biopôle, a life sciences park bringing together industry and academia in Lausanne.

Dubbed SE-B, the newly inaugurated facility already hosts Abionic, a scale-up that has developed the world’s fastest sepsis test; Glenmark, a global pharmaceutical company with plans to establish a translational research center at the Biopôle campus; and medical analysis company Unilabs. The building will also accommodate StartLab, an incubator dedicated to fostering the next generation of life sciences entrepreneurs.

Making Western Switzerland more competitive in the life sciences sector

“StartLab fulfils a clear need in our region to provide a tailor-made incubator for life sciences entrepreneurs,” said Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle. “It offers aspiring entrepreneurs the best start in an ideal environment to optimize their chances of success. They have access to a winning combination of cutting-edge facilities, a network of experts and the vibrant Biopôle community of multinationals, SMEs and research groups that will support them as they transform their ideas into reality.”

StartLab consists of 300 m2 of co-working office space and 700 m2 of fully equipped laboratories. Specialty labs include cell culture, centrifugation, PCR, chemistry and bacteriology. A key feature is a “pay as you play” flexible pricing model, which requires less funds to get started, reduces risk for investors and lowers dilution for entrepreneurs.

Biopôle, a thriving life sciences community

In total, Biopôle houses more than 50 companies and institutions, including several head offices of multinational corporations, start-ups and clinical development teams, together with technology and service providers. It also hosts 25 world-famous research groups, in particular the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.