Although watches for the blind are already available on the market, their quality is not optimal. Following these concerns, the Swiss Central Union for the Blind (UCBA) launched the ACUSTICA project. Stephan Mörker, head of the project, explains in a press release that the quality problems regularly annoyed them, whether it be with the voice synthesis, the case, the bracelet or the performance of the battery.

ACUSTICA is the first Swiss watch made for this target audience. The watch was developed in Biel, in the canton of Bern, by Swiss watchmaking companies and designed by a Neuchâtel designer. For now, 1000 pieces have been produced. The main objective is to improve the quality of life of people who do not see well, who don’t see anything at all or do not see and hear.


The watch’s special features

ACUSTICA vibrates, speaks with a speech synthesis processor in four languages ​​(French, German, English and Italian), is rechargeable, has a battery that can last a month without needing to be charged, and disposes of a quartz movement. It has the particularity of accentuating contrasts, allowing the visually impaired to read time more precisely. The clock rate and volume can be adjusted if need be.

The creators of ACUSTICA have succeeded in making this watch an indispensable accessory with a classical appearance, allowing people who are blind, visually impaired or deaf-blind to be less noticeable and letting them enjoy and live their daily life like everyone else.