Monthey, in the canton of Valais, has a long tradition in the field of life sciences. Renowned multinationals and SMEs working in fine chemistry and biotechnologies have been based there for many years, benefitting from the great quality of the local workforce and specialists.

The availability of local talent and the strong synergies between industry and academia were key in the decision of WAMA Diagnóstica to open a European site in Monthey. “We looked at various locations in Switzerland. Here in Monthey we were especially impressed by the great expertise that is available and by the collaboration that takes place between higher education institutions and research and development. That’s unique”, explains Carlos Alberto Mestriner, R&D Manager of Wama Diagnostics, the Swiss subsidiary of WAMA Diagnóstica.

Wama Diagnostics conducts research on the diagnosis of different human diseases, allergens and infections, both viral such as Zika and dengue fever, and bacterial. It has initiated a promising collaboration with BioArk, a technology site that facilitates the transition to industrial production by offering services and facilities appropriate to the requirements of biotechnology.