It’s a first in Switzerland and Europe: Valais-based Swiss Distance Learning University has launched a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Biometrics and Privacy. This unique program will encompass all aspects of biometrics, from biometrics technologies and standards, to security and privacy protection, criminal sciences, legal issues and data protection, culture and society. The program, which will be taught by world-renowned professors, was developed in collaboration with the Idiap Research Institute.

“The goal of the CAS Biometrics & Privacy is to provide decision-makers, authorities and citizens with a better understanding of biometrics, including aspects pertaining to privacy and data protection”, said Sébastien Marcel, program manager and senior researcher at Idiap, in a press release.

The creation of the CAS Biometrics & Privacy responds to emerging challenges in the field of biometrics. According to a EU directive that will enter into force in May 2018, public administrations and companies dealing with biometric data will have to work with a data security officer.