The brand new Campus Biotech Innovation Park (CBIP) is the result of a partnership between Campus Biotech, Eclosion, the EPFL Innovation Park and Fongit. Its goal is to bring together “the region’s best expertise in life sciences in terms of research, innovation and entrepreneurship”, according to a press release. In addition to offering world-class facilities with flexible office space, CBIP provides entrepreneurs with a fully integrated innovation process starting with initiation at, and startup foundation and incubation at Eclosion (pharma and biotech) and FONGIT (medtech).

Located at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, CBIP already hosts a number of companies, including Zurich-based Relief Therapeutics, HC2 Healthcare and Pharma Consulting, the Geneva Biotech Center, Quartz Bio and Israeli SME Signals Analytics. EPFL’s spin-off Sophia Genetics, Addex Therapeutics and Chinese company Biostime, together with representatives from its new Australian affiliate Swisse, are expected to move in soon.