The Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health (SICHH) just launched the “Liquid Biopsy for Early Detection of Diseases” (LBEDD), an integrative program designed to respond to current health challenges. The LBEDD makes it possible to detect diseases through the circulating DNA, thus detecting illness phases, which until now, have been barely if not at all identifiable.

Unlike healthy tissues, the diseased tissues release DNA fragments and modified proteins in the patient’s blood. The detection of these tissues is now possible even before certain symptoms occur, allowing fast diagnosis and targeted treatments.

This new technology is called liquid biopsy. Thoroughly explained by the SICHH in their press release, it provides researchers with an overview of the biology and genetics of certain diseases through blood, saliva and other physiological fluid samples. The practice is innovative: it is non-invasive, painless and above all, without risk for the patient. Liquid biopsy has multiple benefits such as improved treatment efficiency, better quality of life following the diagnosis and long-term survival of patients.

SICHH: a unique competence center for human health

Launched in 2012 in collaboration with the University of Fribourg and the Fribourg Hospital, SICHH develops customized research and development solutions in the fields of medicine, foodtech, pharmacy and biotechnology. SICHH is located on the blueFACTORY premise, an innovative technology park in the canton of Fribourg.