The Greater Geneva Bern area is home to many standards bodies, such as ISO, and other international organizations, like ITU, in charge of global interoperability and infrastructure improvements. With this background and the virtuous drone circle flying around the region, it was natural for the Global UTM Association to pick Lausanne to establish its headquarters. Academic partners, experts, robotics specialists and Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, are all present within a 100 km radius, explains Benoît Curdy, Secretary General of Global UTM. As key business and strategic interests are involved, Switzerland’s neutrality was also a decisive factor.

Based at the EPFL Innovation Park, Global UTM works at international level to identify actions for a smooth, safe and efficient integration of drones into the airspace. Current members already represent 15 countries across six industries: air navigation service providers, drone manufacturers, drone operators, traffic management software and infrastructure providers, regulatory bodies, and academic experts.