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The region

One dynamic region, six major players

Strategically located at the heart of Europe, the Greater Geneva Bern area is comprised of six cantons:  Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Valais.  The region covers almost half of Switzerland’s territory and shares borders with France and Italy.  Furthermore, it is located in close proximity to Germany, its principal commercial partner.

An ideal location

The Greater Geneva Bern area is ideal for establishing an international company.  In addition to its central location, the region provides privileged access to the European market and its 500 million consumers.  Moreover, the multicultural and multilingual population (24% of whom are foreigners) and their expectations for quality create an ideal test market.

Important advantages

  • Well-developed industry clusters in a number of domains
  • A highly-qualified, productive and multilingual workforce
  • Consistent political stability
  • Flexible labor laws
  • Moderate tax rates
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • A safe environment
  • An exceptional quality of life

inhabitants, including

foreign nationals

Attractive networks for international investors

The economic fabric of the Greater Geneva Bern area includes a number of centers of excellence, particularly in the fields of micro and nano-technologies, life sciences, information and communications technologies and clean technologies.  The cantons which form the GGBa share the same philosophy and a common objective:  to develop and maintain a competitive economy based on high value products and services.  In order to achieve this goal, the GGBa supports the establishment of companies who are at the forefront of global innovation and who can bring complementary products and services to the existing economy.

Innovation is key

Discover the advantages of the six member cantons of the GGBa

It could be said that innovation is in Switzerland’s DNA.  Our companies and higher educational institutes excel in creating and developing new ideas.  A tradition of innovation and a high quality educational system are among the numerous advantages that make the Greater Geneva Bern area a sought-after destination for foreign investors.  Each of the six member cantons of the GGBa has its own advantages, and the different industries represented in the region are complementary.


The canton of Bern benefits from its well-developed infrastructure, low corporate tax rates, an exceptional educational system, and a well-qualified and multilingual workforce.  Its central location in Switzerland and in Europe is ideal for accessing European markets.  As the federal capital, Bern is the political center, and as such ensures close ties with government and political representatives.  A diverse group of clusters brings together companies, researchers, and educational institutions, creating an efficient business network in the canton.


The officially bilingual canton of Fribourg serves as the link between the French-speaking and German-speaking regions in Switzerland, providing access to the two most important markets in Europe.   Fribourg is known for its cultural diversity and its excellent and comprehensive multilingual educational system.  The educational institutes include universities as well as technical and management schools, making the canton a stronghold for apprenticeships and research.  Numerous multinational companies have chosen Fribourg as the location for their international headquarters, logistic centers and R&D and manufacturing operations.


Located in the heart of Europe, between the lakes and the mountains, the canton of Vaud is Switzerland’s largest French-speaking region.  It combines all the qualities associated with Switzerland:  innovation, dynamic economic development and investment, productivity, high-quality education, political stability, an attractive tax framework, flexible labor laws, a highly-qualified and cosmopolitan workforce, first-rate financial services, a prosperous and diverse economy, and above all, an unparalleled quality of life.


The canton of Neuchâtel is one of the world’s most dynamic regions for the watchmaking industry.  As a result of its substantial expertise in precision and innovation, acquired over centuries of experience in this creative sector, the canton of Neuchâtel has developed significant capabilities which have attracted multinational, high-tech companies in industries such as jewelry, machine tools and industrial equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, electronics and microsystems, photovoltaic cells and thin layers, software development and telecommunications.  In addition to these sectors, the canton of Neuchâtel has also gained significant capabilities in the field of finance.


With its deep-rooted international and multi-cultural tradition, the canton of Geneva is an ideal setting for a global enterprise.  More than 140 multinational companies have already chosen to locate in the canton, in addition to the 36 international organizations, over 300 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and 200 diplomatic missions found here.  The canton is a leader in a number of sectors, such as banking and financial services, international commodities and raw materials trading, life sciences, and information and communications technologies.  It offers a first-class economic environment, excellent infrastructure and a highly-qualified workforce.


Valais is best known for its magnificent landscapes, exceptional climate and its rich cultural and culinary traditions.  But Valais is also a center of excellence with regard to technology, applied research and innovation.  Located in the heart of Europe, at the principal transportation, cultural and linguistic crossroads, Valais offers leading-edge technology parks specialized in life sciences, information and communications technologies, energy and engineering.


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