Cellect Biotechnology Ltd has entered into an exclusive strategic manufacturing and supply agreement with Swiss Biotech Center (SBC).

Cellect Biotechnology Ltd, a developer of a novel stem cell production technology from Israel, has entered into a strategic manufacturing and supply agreement with Swiss Biotech Center (SBC) to secure the exclusive production of the FasL protein for the next five years.

The FasL protein is a key active ingredient in Cellect's technology for cell separation and functional selection of stem cells. "This partnership with SBC is a major achievement for our company in securing the production and flow of our key ingredient for US based clinical trials and collaborations with clinical centers", comments Dr. Shai Yarkoni, CEO of Cellect.

Cellect Biotechnology has developed a breakthrough technology for the selection of stem cells from any given tissue that aims to improve a variety of stem cell-based therapies.

Swiss Biotech Center, bridging the gap between research and industrial production

Based in Monthey in the canton of Valais, Swiss Biotech Center (SBC) offers services and a dedicated environment for the development and manufacturing of innovative drugs such as biologics or Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) by gathering all the competencies, internally or externally, infrastructures and technologies.

“Our small biopharma platform is flexible, multiproduct and 100% single-use. The changeover is extremely rapid: only three days of cleaning are needed between bioprocesses with different molecules. We are the only ones in Europe able to manufacture up to 200 liters of GMP batches in a facility of less than 130 sqm”, explains Massimo Nobile, CEO of Swiss Biotech Center.