This year, the consulting firm KPMG, which evaluates the change readiness of various countries, analyzed 136 of them through its Change Readiness Index (CRI). The CRI’s goal is to measure a country’s capability to anticipate, prepare for and respond to change, be it social, economic or technological. The three main pillars that compose the CRI are enterprise capability, government capability and people & civil society capability to manage change. These pillars prepare and reinforce a country’s willingness and readiness for change. Switzerland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Denmark make up the top five of the most change-ready countries in 2017.

After ranking 2nd place in the 2015 CRI, Switzerland takes the lead and unseats Singapore, which lands in 4th place. The CRI shows that Switzerland has a high government and people & civil society capability score compared to the previous years. This year, the CRI “highlighted a number of key themes that certainly deserve greater reflection, especially in the context of recent world events, including inward-looking political movements, continued slow economic growth and mounting cross-border tensions”.