After London, Manchester and Singapore, Armstrong Craven has established a presence in Switzerland. The new office, located in Geneva, is headed by Olivia Wynn.

Armstrong Craven, a global talent mapping and pipelining partner for scarce and senior positions, has set up an office in Geneva. The firm works across a number of industry sectors including technology, healthcare and life sciences, professional and financial services, industrial and consumer.

Home to some of the world’s most influential and respected businesses, Switzerland is a key market for Armstrong Craven. “This is an important strategic step for our business,” CEO Tom Mason said in a press release. “We have a number of very important clients headquartered in Switzerland, particularly in healthcare and life sciences and financial services.”

Newly appointed as Director Switzerland, Olivia Wynn will continue to grow existing relationships while also bringing on board new clients keen to partner with Armstrong Craven on their talent acquisition strategies.

“The services we offer are changing the way talent acquisition is done, particularly in the area of senior and scarce roles,” Olivia Wynn, who joined Armstrong Craven in 2010, explained. “Clients like the impact our core services of talent mapping, pipelining and insight are having on their talent acquisition strategies, helping them to identify and attract the best talent both now and in the future.”

Armstrong Craven has offices London, Manchester, Singapore and Geneva. Founded in 1990, the company has seen annual growth in excess of 45% since 2014.