Through the Sino-Swiss Shenzhen Hub, the GGBa and Invest Shenzhen aim at stimulating and facilitating FDIs between two of the world’s most dynamic regions.

The GGBa has added to its established presence in China by launching the Sino-Swiss Shenzhen Hub. A joint initiative of the GGBa and Invest Shenzhen, the new platform intends to showcase Western Switzerland and the region surrounding the Pearl River Delta as a portal for Chinese and Swiss companies interested in expanding their footprint in another continent. “Western Switzerland is the gateway for Shenzhen-based companies willing to start operations in Europe,” said Thomas Bohn, Executive Director of the GGBa, to Shenzhen TV.

Formerly a small fishing village in the vicinity of Hong Kong, Shenzhen has experienced unprecedented development over the past 30 years, under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping and his policy of economic openness. Today, the city is known as China’s Silicon Valley, with a proliferation of high-potential technology startups and the presence of industry giants such as DJI, ZTE, Huawei or Tencent. Western Switzerland and the region surrounding Shenzhen share many common points; both boast a dynamic business base, leading companies, and cutting-edge know-how in the ICT, health, finance, artificial intelligence, robotics and precision industry sectors.

The GGBa has operated an office in Shanghai since its inception in 2010.