Everywhere in the world, “Swiss Made” means precision, reliability and high quality. That’s why Giulia Polli and her husband Massimiliano D’Ambrosi decided to leave Italy, where their company is based, and launch their own brand in Noës, in the canton of Valais. Until recently, the Italian company only produced and supplied semi-finished products for fashion accessories and jewelry to its clients, which include major brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermès and Lacoste. “We are the world leader in braiding. We work for the top fashion houses, so one day we thought: what if we created our own brand?”, explains Massimiliano d’Ambrosi to local newspaper Le Nouvelliste. And that’s how the luxury brand Duvalais was born.

For its belts, bracelets and small leather goods, Duvalais uses only leather from Swiss cattle, skillfully tanned by Tuscan artisans. Finishing and quality control are carried out in Noës, where the company currently employs four people.

The Italian entrepreneurial duo received a very warm welcome from the Valais authorities – something they were not really used to: “In Italy, everything is complicated at an administrative level, whereas in Switzerland, the system is well-structured and business-friendly”, highlights Massimiliano d’Ambrosi. Duvalais benefitted from the support of Business Valais.