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Event Smart Energy

25 Aug - 26 Aug 2022 Campus Energypolis, Sion

Balancing energy supply and demand: what short-term solutions and what impact on the power grid?

The recent pandemic and then the war in Ukraine have highlighted the vulnerabilities of energy supply, both globally and locally. Fears of blackouts have been rekindled, while prices are rising. If increasing renewable production is one of the medium-term answers to these problems, what are the short-term solutions?

With the arrival in force of renewable energies and their non-regular production, electrical networks will become even more important, but they will not be able to solve all the problems on their own, especially in terms of storage, especially seasonal storage. A convergence of networks (heat, water ...) will be necessary to ensure a better resilience of the energy supply of society.

Following the example of China and its rapid growth, how are some countries preparing for these new conditions? How are cities reacting, at their own scale? What is the role of digitalization in the equation? And finally, can we still dream of a world completely free of fossil fuels?

The 12th edition of the Smart Energy Event will attempt to answer these questions, thanks to the presence of speakers from Switzerland and abroad, who will share their knowledge and experience. For the first time, the event will be held over a day and a half, with an exclusive evening meeting featuring adventurer Raphaël Domjan, but also the architectural and gastronomic treasures of the city of Sion.

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