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German consulting firm PROPROJEKT expands to Switzerland

Tuesday 1 March 2022

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PROPROJEKT, an interdisciplinary consultancy company offering strategic services in all areas of planning and construction, has established a presence in Lausanne to further enhance its international positioning.

PROPROJEKT intends to boost its international visibility from new offices in Lausanne. The German company offers strategic consultancy services in the areas of building construction, urban development, and large-scale event planning, with a strong focus on sporting events. Among its clients are organizations, cities, countries, and regions who benefit from its comprehensive project management skills, ranging from feasibility studies and economic analyses, to detailed conception, assistance with complex tendering processes, and overall support. When it comes to sport, PROPROJEKT can help with organizing and hosting events, as well as with designing and implementing strategies to promote amateur sport or develop sports tourism.

Home of international sport

Founded in 1996, PROPROJEKT has offices in Berlin and Frankfurt. Its recent decision to establish a presence in Lausanne follows close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other Swiss-based clients, such as Swiss Olympic. “Our agency is already well established and connected in our native Germany. Being based in Lausanne provides great opportunities for increased visibility and collaboration within the international sports community – stretching across the Olympic family and beyond,” notes Carla Wuhrer, Project Director and Head of the Swiss office.

More than 57 international sports federations and organizations call Lausanne their home, making it the perfect stage for PROPROJEKT to showcase its expertise to the sporting community and to the rest of the world at large.

The company was supported by GGBa and Innovaud throughout its investment journey. “We really appreciated the active involvement of the investment promotion team in our project. They were following up constantly and making sure that the administrative process would go smoothly,” says Wuhrer.

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