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Myotest’s “made in Valais” technology integrated into Samsung’s latest smartwatch

Monday 14 September 2020


Myotest announced the introduction of the Running Form feature in Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch3. Runners will therefore have access to the highly advanced training technology of the Valais-based company directly on their wrist.

Based in Sion in the canton of Valais, Myotest is a true pioneer in the monitoring and use of biomechanical data for the training of athletes. The company provides an intelligent coaching product on portable devices (e.g. connected watches) based on the science of biomechanics. This technology helps runners understand their running technique and provides them with advice on how to improve it.

Myotest's software measures the runner's pace with great precision from the watch and detects asymmetries and irregularities that may occur during training. They also monitor other parameters that are essential for improving performance. The algorithms then identify what can be improved and provide appropriate personalized exercises specific to each runner.

The best portable technology for the analysis of running

Founded in 2004, Myotest joined The Ark incubator, which enabled it to build the foundations for its commercial development and, above all, to set up a professional structure to attract private investors who support Myotest in its international development. Today, its technology was incorporated into the latest creation of the world's second largest smartwatches manufacturer, Samsung.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Samsung to bring the best portable running analysis technology to recreational runners,” says Myotest CEO Christophe Ramstein. “The world of running deserves technology that was previously only available to professional athletes in the lab, and it is now made available on the new Galaxy Watch3, so they can better understand their running technique, improve their performance and have more fun.”

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