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With nearly one hundred foreign companies setting up operations in 2022, Western Switzerland has confirmed its attractiveness in a difficult international context

Tuesday 28 March 2023

  • Western Switzerland is performing well, with 99 new establishments in 2022, from 27 countries. France remains the main source of investment, ahead of the United States
  • Switzerland continues to enjoy a solid reputation, despite the international crisis
  • The framework conditions, and in particular the relative stability of the economy and predictability, remain strong assets of the country
  • Business travel and assessment visits have resumed after two years of Covid-related restrictions
  • The outlook is good, although geopolitical risks and the impact of the war in Ukraine on future foreign direct investment flows remain difficult to assess
  • GGBa is pursuing its targeted sectoral approach and continuing to develop its marketing tools

Lausanne, March 28, 2023 – The Greater Geneva Bern area association and the economic development agencies of the six member cantons have contributed to the establishment of 99 new companies in Western Switzerland in 2022 (86 in 2021). These figures attest to the dynamism and attractiveness of the region in a particularly deteriorated and uncertain geopolitical context, especially since they do not include companies that have set up shop without the support of the cantonal economic promotion agencies.

"Companies are looking for predictability and stability, and Switzerland offers a relatively safe environment," says Thomas Bohn, managing director of GGBa. "This largely explains our region's success in attracting foreign investment, especially in a number of priority sectors such as life sciences, foodtech, or Industry 4.0."

"Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of GGBa's strategy," says Christoph Ammann, Bern State Councilor and President of GGBa for 2022-2023. "The organization's dozen or so representatives have the task of targeting and convincing investors who are destined to enrich the local ecosystem in a sustainable manner. International economic promotion thus enables the creation of qualified jobs and the establishment of technological partnerships that contribute to strengthening Switzerland's position as a world leader in innovation.”

To fulfill its mission, GGBa relies on its network of partners in Switzerland and abroad, its internally developed economic intelligence service, and its marketing team, which has developed numerous tools to increase the region's visibility and international reputation. While continuing to organize both physical and virtual events in its priority markets, GGBa has strengthened its digital communication, notably through videos presenting the various clusters and campaigns on social networks.

A few examples of newly established companies in 2022:

  • W&K Industrietechnik, a German industrial engineering company, has chosen Bern as its base to expand throughout Switzerland
  • Carob House, a Brazilian carob producer, has set up in Fribourg and is working with various local players, including Chocolat Villars
  • Inoprod, a French player in industry 4.0, has set up in Lausanne to be closer to the EPFL
  • Aranow, a Spanish group active in packaging machines, has set up its new innovation center at Microcity in Neuchâtel
  • CanSino Biologics, a Chinese leader in vaccines, has inaugurated its international structure in Geneva, close to international organizations
  • Nanobactéries, a French start-up active in nanotechnologies for therapeutic use (oncology), has chosen Monthey for its R&D activities

With some 180 companies visiting for evaluation, nearly 200 new projects identified by GGBa representatives in 2022, and a pipeline of more than 500 active projects, GGBa’s director is optimistic, while pointing out that the global economic and geopolitical situation is weighing on the morale of investors who are more cautious than ever.

"We have always had a very qualitative approach," concludes Thomas Bohn, who reminds us that "the mission of GGBa is to be at the service of the region and to anticipate international trends, in order to continue to contribute to making Switzerland a prosperous nation by welcoming talented entrepreneurs and companies with positive impact projects." 


Annual Report 2022 available here

About GGBa

Created in January 2010, Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa) regroups the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva, and Valais. GGBa’s mission is to attract foreign companies that will sustainably strengthen the priority expertise clusters of Western Switzerland and create high value-added jobs. More specifically, GGBa generates investment projects through its business development activities in foreign countries, and hands them over to its member cantons, which are responsible for implementing them.

Additional information and contacts

  • Christoph Ammann, President of GGBa, Director of Economic Affairs, Energy and the Environment, +41 31 633 48 40 (available from 10:30 to 11:00),   
  • Thomas Bohn, GGBa Managing Director, +41 21 644 00 90,

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