© Ecole TwistairThe new industrial area of Daval, in the canton of Valais, will become one of Switzerland’s first eco-industrial parks.

200,000 square meters of industrial grounds – the equivalent of 27 football pitches – fully equipped to welcome innovative companies: 25 years after the creation of the Techno-Pôle, Switzerland’s leading center of excellence for information and communication technology, Sierre is pioneering again by inaugurating one of the country’s very first eco-industrial parks. Strategically located right alongside a motorway exit, the new eco-industrial park offers exceptional development potential thanks to the dynamic regional economy, high-quality framework conditions and the presence of renowned research and training institutes. 1,000 jobs should be created over the next 5 to 10 years.

The concept of eco-industrial park is relatively recent. Businesses cooperate with each other and with the local community with the intention of preserving environmental quality while increasing economic gains, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. “We wish to make this industrial zone both ecologically responsible and economically viable”, explains Pierre Berthod, city councilor in charge of economic development.

A number of entrepreneurs have already shown their interest in the eco-industrial park, which according to a press release will welcome its first company at the beginning of 2016. The site is primarily aimed at high added-value firms with a focus on innovation.