An ideal environment for entrepreneurs

A qualified and productive workforce, a central location in Europe, supportive authorities, reliable infrastructure… Read the testimonials and discover why investors from all over the world have chosen to locate and keep their businesses in the Greater Geneva Bern area (GGBa).

Your success is our success

High educational standards, a stable employment market, multilingual skills of most employees, proximity to universities – all these factors contribute to the attractiveness of the region on a global level. And of course, the geographic position in the heart of Europe is another advantage.

Uwe E. Jocham
Former Senior Vice President and General Manager

The region has excellent infrastructure in a wonderful setting in the heart of Europe, with inhabitants that are simultaneously open and hard-working. Moreover, good relations with the cantonal authorities make it possible to do business in a way that is both pragmatic and effective.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Chairman of the Board of Directors

The people here are aware just how important precision is – it is in their blood. This is connected with the tradition of the precision industry in the region.

Marco Zingg
Chairman of the Board of Directors

When it comes to watchmaking, Swiss Made is a tradition that can only be found in Switzerland, and nowhere else.

François Thiébaud

We wanted to find the best location for the kind of research that we do […]. Switzerland gave us access to world class resources in terms of biological research.

Achin Gupta
Executive Vice President & Business Head Europe

The presence of generations of highly skilled engineers in the region has enabled the creation and growth of many companies in the field of information technology, which obviously creates a network of skills, a cluster.

François Foglia
Deputy Director

The living and working conditions in the region are unique. Centrality, stability and quality of life are as highly valued as the excellent infrastructure and facilities, the availability of qualified manpower and the innovation-friendly environment.  

Gary Coombe
President, Procter & Gamble Europe

The EPFL plays a key role in technological innovation in the region. It offers companies cooperation at the level of research and technology transfer, talented engineers for recruitment and highly specialized continuing professional development programs.

Patrick Aebischer
President of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Being located in Biel/Bienne means not only that we can communicate in French but also that we have a privileged access to the German culture. This is useful when specifying products and software which have to suit to the German habits. This area is a bridge between German and Mediterranean Europe.

Emmanuel Hannart

If we had the option to redo our decision to move here, we’d come up with the exact same answer. We’ve been exceptionally pleased here.

Michael McGarry
Chairman and CEO

If the region were not so attractive, we would not be here! It has the potential to be the next Silicon Valley.

Daniel Borel

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