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The MassChallenge program makes Switzerland’s ecosystem and start-ups shine globally

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has been a leader in helping start-ups across Europe grow their businesses by accelerating 610 start-ups across multiple industries that have raised more than CHF 965 million in funding. | © MassChallenge Switzerland

The MassChallenge program awarded CHF 400,000 to 12 start-ups from its early-stage program and in-kind prizes to 12 runner-up Swiss start-ups.

A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration and development, MassChallenge’s objective is to accelerate start-ups, industry, and innovation ecosystems by working across sectors to drive a stronger future through collaborative innovation.

Part of MassChallenge’s global network for innovators and zero-equity start-up accelerators, the MassChallenge program awarded CHF 400,000 to 12 start-ups from its early-stage program and in-kind prizes to 12 runner-up Swiss start-ups.

Among them, three promising start-ups from Western Switzerland were distinguished for their innovative solutions.

Composite Recyling (CHF 100,000 Diamond Winner)

Based in Ecublens (canton of Vaud), Composite Recycling closes the loop on Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics, like those found in boat hulls or wind turbine blades, by recycling them into reusable glass fibers and pyrolysis oil, which can be sold and used to make new composites and plastics. Their proprietary mobile recycling units are energy positive, using the reaction to self-power. This allows Composite Recycling to sell the reclaimed materials at market value for a profit.

SensArs Neuroprosthetics (CHF 20,000 Silver Winner)

EPFL start-up SensArs Neuroprosthetics specializes in neuromodulation technologies for the peripheral nervous system. SensArs' mission is to provide relief to people suffering from chronic peripheral neuropathic pain and restore naturalistic sensory feedback to people that have lost sensation in their extremities, such as amputees.

Gaia Tech (CHF 10,000 Bronze Winner)

Bern-based Gaia Tech has invented an innovative method to upcycle agricultural sidestreams into bio-compounds and added-value ingredients. Through its novel approach, Gaia tackles the ever-increasing trend to substitute synthetic compounds by natural alternatives in the cosmetics, food, and feed sector. At the same time, Gaia Tech responds to the pressing needs of the primary sector to create new value streams and to reduce its environmental footprint.

Since 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has supported 610 start-ups who have raised CHF 965 million in funding and created over 29,000 direct & indirect jobs.

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