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Valais-based start-up Eyeware heads to the Silicon Valley

Tuesday 3 March 2020

As a finalist in the Venture Leaders Technology 2020 programme, the Valais-based start-up Eyeware has been given the opportunity to enter the American market and to meet industry leaders and international investors.

The Venture Leaders Technology 2020 programme, organized by VentureLab, offers Swiss technology start-ups the opportunity to enter the US market, build an international network, find investors and learn about US entrepreneurship while improving their start-ups through expert advisory workshops.

A finalist of the programme and accompanied by the incubator The Ark, Eyeware uses artificial intelligence to facilitate human-computer interactions. Its technology allows machines to detect movements of the head, face and especially the eyes.

A gem of the canton of Valais

Already a winner of the Arkathon 2015, the Valais-based start-up has made it possible to better immerse oneself in virtual games, to better interact with devices such as robots used for animation or to provide assistance in the use of electronic devices for the physically disabled. The technology developed can also offer preventive assistance such as driving assistance, which makes it possible to understand the driver's attentiveness on the road.

Several technology companies are already actively working on "eye tracking", but the solution proposed by Eyeware is unique because it allows the use of 3D cameras that will be integrated into the next generation of smartphones and laptops.

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